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Brenda C. Meridith lives in Winchendon, Massachusetts(western). She graduated from Illinois State University with a B.S. degree in chemistry and spent  eighteen years working as a research scientist.  In 1994 She received a  juris doctorate degree from Suffolk University Law School.  She later worked as a financial advisor for five years.  Currently, she teaches high school math. and is enjoying writing in her spare time.

On National "She's

Funny That Way" Day,(March31)

"individuals . . . pay tribute to the humorous nature of women, by listing the top five ways in which women in [their] lives make [them] laugh." The women who are honored and celebrated may be those that celebrants know on a personal level, includ

ing family members or friends, but they also may be nationally or internationally known women of comedy. National "She's Funny That Way" Day is usually used to celebrate female comedians, not just by listing the ways they make celebrants laugh, but by watching them do stand up, watching their films and television shows, and reading their books. The day was started by author Brenda Meridith, who had the first celebration coincide with the release of her novel She's Funny That Way in 2003.

Women didn't get their start in public comedy until the mid-eighteenth century, and even then, they weren't fully accepted and often had a hard time getting bookings. Women in comedy were made to fulfill certain roles at the time, such as housewives or mothers, and had to appeal to the comedic tastes of men. In the twentieth century, female comedians were better able to enter the field, but still often had to use certain approaches to do so. For example, Phyllis Diller used self-deprecation and Mae West used sex appeal. Feminist comedy is prevalent today, which has upended the antiquated structures of women in comedy. This comedy critiques patriarchal structures and brings up issues pertinent to females, such as gender inequality and beauty norms. Still, even though there is more freedom in comedy, women still face obstacles.

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Brianna  takes us on a journey through a childhood full of adult situations, which lead to her growing upmuch too fast in the big city of Chicago.  While just a child   Brianna is unaware that she has  discovered and taken possession of evidence to a possible murder, which was found  in the basement of the six-unit tenement that her mother, Lizzie owns and where her family lives.

Insearch of her true sexual identity.  Brianna realizes that tthe female figures in her life have been relagated to mere chattel in their love relationdhips, snd she doesn't intend to be one of these women.  All grown up and living on the east coast.  Her life style leads her to meet Eddie, a fellow Chicagoen who becomes her best friend , and who is believed to be dying of Aids.

After Brianna returns to Chicago,  accompanied by Eddie, to attend her uncle's funeral service, and  a mystery of murder is solved through shocking revelations when  Eddie becomes seriously ill and medical evidence reveals that Eddie isn't just a friend and his mere existence flushes out the killer.



"The edgy tale of a woman who must reminisce about her past in order to come to terms with who she really is Meridith does an expert job weaving together the past and present in this racy novel that relates one woman’s attempt to understand her sexual identity and ultimately her journey to love and except her self."

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