Brianna takes us on a journey through a through a childhood full of promiscuous experiences in adult situations which lead her to grow up much too fast in the big city of Chicago, Brianna is unaware that she has discovered and taken possession of evidence to a possible murder, which was found in the basement of his six unit tournament that her mother Lizzie owe and where her family lives In search of her true sexual identity Brianna realizes that the female figures in her life have been relegated to mirror chattel in their love relationships and she doesn’t intend to be one of these womenAll grown up and beautiful and educated and now living on the East Coast her lifestyle leaves her to meet Eddie a fellow Chicago who becomes your best friend believe to be dying of aids after Brianna‘s uncle dies she returns to Chicago accompanied by Eddie to attend her uncles funeral services and a mystery of murder is salved and medical evidence reveals that Eddie isn’t just a friend and his mere existence fllushes it out the killer.

She’s Funny That Way

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