She's Fnnny That Way

A real life-like mystery that takes hold and never lets go.Briana takes us on a journey of her youth with plot twists that make  you want to be her best friend, a young girl experiencing the trials and tribulations of womanhood and finding her true  spirit. and to her surprise discovering the inner essence of her mother. 












She's Funny That Way was written in a way that makes you sad the story ended. I am looking foward to Meridith's  future creations.    I also,  enjoyed this book because it is well-written.

- Dorothy Jackson

A patron

“The edgy tale of a woman whomust reminisce about her past in order to com to terms with who shr really is.  Meridith does an expert job weaving together the past and present in this racy novel that relates one woman's attempt to understand her sexual identity and ultimately love and accept herself."

“-Stacey Seay

The Rawsistaaz book Club